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The Rules

Post by raven on Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:52 am


Rise King Pierce (RKP) is an 18+/M-rated site. By registering to RKP, you agree that you are 18 years old or older and you accept responsibility for your actions and the content you read while on this site. We are rated 3-3-3, which means threads may contain graphic content. Underage applicants will be denied to ensure the safety of everyone. While our focus is not on mature topics, such as sex or gore, they may be used in plots. Threads with such subjects will be marked as such, and it is your responsibility as a user to read only what you are comfortable with.

RKP is also an original character only website. We will not allow characters from any fandom, and by applying, you promise that the character you have written is your creation. Applications that use names or characters from other fandoms will be denied.


  • Be respectful. This applies to members and staff. While characters can be racist/homophobic/assholes, you as a member are required to respect all members of RKP equally. Harassment will not be tolerated - and this includes begging for posts.
  • If you have an issue with another member, or a member of staff, use your own discretion on whether to talk it out or to contact an uninvolved member of staff.
  • There is no limit to the number of character's a person can have, but they must make 10 IC posts with their newest character before making a new one. Only 1 in every 2 characters can be a mutant.
  • Sign up with your character's first and last name, such as: John Smith. OOC accounts are for staff only. If you make a mistake with the name you register, it can be changed at any time via your profile.
  • RKP runs on a 1:1 scale. If it's July in real life, it's July in the game. You are welcome to role play past events, but keep future ones for future you.


  • Face Claims must be actors, musicians or signed models models. They must represent the age of your character. Images should remain tasteful, as we cannot put content warnings on them.
  • Only photos may be used - no drawings. Images may be edited to include Class B mutant alterations.


  • Applications must be completed in 7 days or they will be moved to the progressing applications forum. If you complete your application after it has been moved to the progressing applications forum, please ask a staff member to move it back for you.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in denial.
  • Applications should remain realistic! While we do take some liberties with science and magic, RKP is still set in the real world in the future, and realism to our genre should be maintained.


  • Posts on RKP should be third person, past tense. ("He was walking down the street" rather than "I am walking down the street")
  • No netspeak. Proper grammar and punctuation should be used in all IC posts.
  • No metagaming or godmodding. Unless another character says something or you are playing a mind reader, your character will not know the thoughts and feelings of another character. You cannot control another person's character. That said, for mutant powers that allow this, please keep it to what you have described in your application. Your character is not all-knowing nor all-powerful.
  • Posts must be at least 100 words in length.
  • Mature topics should have the title color changed to orange, and the first post must contain a trigger warning that lists all sensitive topics included in the thread. For a list of topics that require a mature title, click here. In general, if you think it might make people uncomfortable, a trigger warning is a good idea.
  • Open threads should have the title color changed to cyan. Please specify which type of character the thread is open to, and how many if you have specifications.
  • Your character's actions will affect them! How your character acts in public can have an affect on their reputation, which may affect how other people interact with them. This can be good or bad. You can read more about reputation and consequences here.


  • Please refrain from sensitive topics. Politics and religion have no place in the chat box - if you'd like to discuss them, you can do so in private with other willing conversation partners. This also applies to mature topics. While we are a mature site, not everyone has the same comfort levels.
  • Private conversations should be... private. Please don't hold these in the chat box.
  • No harassment. This includes asking for posts. People know that they owe you posts. If you think they may have forgotten, ask them privately!
  • Spam and advertisement posts will be deleted. We have an advertisement forum for linking to your website - use it.
  • Be polite. You might have a dry sense of humor, but be aware of the fact that everyone can see what you type in the chat box. Rude comments may result in temporary chat box bans.

All new members should also read the New Member's Handbook which contains helpful links, tips on how to get started here at RKP, and is basically everything you need to survive.

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