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Economics 101

Post by Egg on Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:41 pm

In the early part of the 21st century, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer until things came to a head in the Second Civil War of 2093. The United States shattered and re-coagulated, and while they were hopeful in the beginning, it wasn't long until the old systems and corruptions that had set America on the tailspin to begin with returned, though often in more insidious ways. A system of government that had originally been meant to keep the bright-eyed idealists in power now serves to promote a dangerous status quo in which the wealthy and powerful turning a blind eye to the suffering of others is rewarded, and challenging those in power is punished.

Cities and towns are now polarized, an effort that had once meant to ensure easy access to government officials, so everyone's voice could be heard, and has since resulted in resources being prioritized to certain privileged districts. While the upper districts, home of politicians and the wealthy elite, have the infrastructure, law enforcement, and technology a person might expect of the year 2173, the other districts have had to make due. 

Rising costs of things like petroleum and sturdy construction mean that while commodities like wireless internet and electricity are reasonably easy to obtain, gasoline for long-distance ground transport between superstates is so expensive that most districts have taken to a community market instead of the once popular supermarket, and a majority of buildings haven't seen a much-needed update in decades. Systems like public transport and schools have also suffered in these districts. 

Most citizens born in the middle and lower districts will die there. The most common chance, slim as it may be, for upward mobility is the Police Cadets. The opportunities to fall from the Middle District to the Lower District are more than abundant.

A map of the districts, with the upper district in purple, the middle district in yellow, and the lower district/city limits in gray:

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