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Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement

The police in the King Pierce area have long been seen as ineffective except in the Upper District, where the rich and affluent are protected as the poor never will be. While many of the police officers themselves have come from middle or lower class families, the corruption and lack of funding quickly teaches most of them better than to try to change the status quo. The gangs can do a better job protecting the lower district than they can anyway.

The police force of King Pierce has one chief officer who is appointed by King Pierce's government and takes orders for how to direct the force from them. While the chief must be a police officer, there isn't really any other criteria for who can be appointed or when they will be replaced. All the same, there has never been a young officer appointed, since the young ones are generally the ones with ideas of change. There are also young cadets, and the chief may place certain officers in charge of certain aspects of cadet training.

Cadet Program
Voluntary enrollment in the cadet training program at age 16 is the primary source of officers in King Pierce. Cadets become officers shortly after their graduation from high school and the cadet program, usually at age 19. A very small handful of cadets are trained after high school based on aptitude in years when cadet enrollments or survival rates dwindled.

  • so like, they're mostly in the upper class area
  • and also they really don't have the resources to do much else
  • they're not paid that much, which sucks
  • some corrupt cops, but this doesn't happen often cos why? They're not much use anyway.

  • government sends in a more military government when a place gets bad enough that they consider it a threat. the regular cops hate the military cops. fuck those guys.
  • most new cops come from students who enlist in the cadet program in school. they're in from ages 16-18 and usually become real cops when they graduate.

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