King Pierce's Gangs

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King Pierce's Gangs

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The Brass Talons

Headed by Nathan Crawford, the Talons control most of the Southern Lower District, and their members carry wicked hooked knives. They're the main source of illicit substances in the district, not least of all because they defend what they've decided is their turf (territory detailed above in red) with as much violence as they deem appropriate. While they don't take any official stance on mutants in the community, most of the ones discovered in their own numbers are appraised by Nathan, and the more useful of them tend to find themselves in his inner circle.

The Devil's Advocates

Headed by Ryan Fischer, the Devil's Advocates control the Northern Lower District and most of the Middle District (territory detailed above in blue) , and acknowledged a long time ago that if the police aren't going to protect them, they're going to need to protect themselves. They spend quite a bit of their time making the streets safer, and there are quite a few local businesses who are under their protection. While they don't like or trust the police, and they have no problem breaking the law when the consequences demand it, they tend to ignore the authorities rather than antagonize them. The Advocates have a firm hand in illicit arms trade within the city.

The Merry Men

Across the bridge to the peninsula (territory detailed in green) , society includes mostly a group who have explained away the current state of chaos and anarchy as the revenge of an angry God, and sequestered themselves away from the megatropolis, the dens of sin. Of course, even they can't produce all of the things that they need, and The Merry Men are the ones who supervise the trades between the religious zealots off to the west and the rest of King Pierce. They trade drugs with the Talons and weapons with the Advocates, among other things, but their motives are otherwise unclear.

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