Mutated Humans

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Mutated Humans

Post by Egg on Fri Jul 15, 2016 11:54 pm

Over the past 100 years, humans have started to see mutations to their genes, presumably the next stage of evolution, granting some of them extraordinary powers. Not much is known about these humans, but they are widely feared and discriminated against where they are found to exist.

Powers: The strength of a mutant’s power affects their physical form. For most people, this takes the form of a decrease in physical strength and durability with the increase of the strength/range of their power. A select few are able to maintain their strength and durability, but at the cost of physical deformation that makes them much easier to single out and harm. These traits (called class B traits) generally manifest by the time a mutated child is four years old, though mutant powers themselves can manifest at any time up to and including puberty, depending on the person. In cases where abilities manifest after the age of five, it is often during a time of extreme stress. L5 mutants, due to the subtle nature of their powers, tend to be more noticeable by the changes to their physicality rather than the development of their abilities.

Daily Life: Many people living with mutations in the year 2174 have found hiding to be their best defense against those who would harm them. Unfortunately for some, namely class L1B/L2B mutants and those with particularly explosive or otherwise noticeable abilities, this is not possible. Anyone who cannot hide, protect themselves, or find suitable allies usually doesn't make it past young adulthood. 

The Pro-Mutant Union: In recent years there have been a few grassroots efforts to make the world a safer place for mutated humans. They're commonly classified as agitators and ignored, but their movement is gaining traction.

*NOTE: This is not an inclusive collection of the possibilities of mutated characters, and is only meant to get you started. If you have any questions, please contact the staff. We'd be happy to help.

Highest Power/Disadvantage [L1A and L1B]

  • Power:
    - Focused city-wide telepathy
    - Cross-country teleportation.
    - Can lift a truck over their head
    - Change someone’s mind >75% of the time.
    - Extremely accurate visions.
    - Advanced elemental control.
    - Can influence animals.
  • Physicality:
    -Paralyzed, homebound, oxygen tank, etc. [A]
    -Huge, hulking creature, horns, unhideable animal features, etc. [B]

Higher Power/Disadvantage [L2A and L2B]

  • Power:
    - Focused Building-wide telepathy/teleportation
    - Unfocused/spotty city-wide telepathy/teleportation
    - Lift 3-5x their bodyweight.
    - Change someone’s mind 50-75% of the time
  • Physicality:
    - “Glass jaw”, nosebleeds, asthma, etc. [A]
    - Rough/unnaturally colored skin, unusual pupils, etc. [B]

Average Power/No Distinct Disadvantage [L3]

  • Power:
    - Mid range telepathy/teleportation/telekinesis
    - Bench press 1-2x their body weight
    - Change someone’s mind ~50% of the time
    - Infrequent visions.
    - Elemental control.
    - Can communicate with animals.
  • Physicality:
    - None needed.

Lower Power/Disadvantage [L4]

  • Power:
    - Targets of teleportation/telepathy limited to what they can see
    - Spotty telekinesis, nothing they couldn’t lift easily on their own.
    - Slightly stronger than normal.
    - Change someone’s mind 25-50% of the time.
  • Physicality:
    - More durable, definite advantage in a fist fight, strong immune system, etc.

Lowest Power/Disadvantage [L5]

  • Power:
    - Spotty telepathy
    - Vague premonitions
    - Infrequent mental influence
    - Generally liked by animals.
    - Lucky.
  • Physicality:
    - Most durable, never gets sick, could win a fist fight on endurance alone, run a marathon, etc.

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