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New Member Handbook

Post by raven on Sat Jul 16, 2016 1:02 pm

RKP New Member's Handbook

Welcome to Rise King Pierce, otherwise known as RKP. We're a futuristic, original character only role play that allows characters with super powers. We are 18+, which means that if you aren't 18 or older - even if you're 18 next week - this isn't the role play for you. We'll be glad to have you once you've turned 18!

We have a lot of topics, so it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when first joining, but it's okay! You don't have to read them all, certainly not right away. Before you can get started, though, there are two threads you absolutely do have to read:

The rules and RKP's plot overview and history. They link to other topics, but if you don't feel up to reading them all right now that's perfectly okay.

Alright, so you've read the rules and the history, and you still want to be here! Woot! That means it's time to get started. Please register using your character's proper name, (ie John Smith, not JohnSmith, JOHN SMITH, DarknessInfinity1234, ect.) If you registered with an improper name, or want to change your character's name, that's perfectly fine! You can change your account name by going to "profile" and editing the username section. Email does not matter, RKP's account activation is automatic and therefore you can use a fake email. I tend to do - it ensures I never have any duplicates.

Hopefully you've got some idea of what kind of character you want to make - if not that's okay. You're welcome to chat it up in the chat box to figure out what kinds of characters people would like to see around, or check out RKP's wanted ads to see if there's one that catches your fancy.

Once you do know what sort of character you want to make, you'll need to take a look at our application form, and here there comes more potential reading.

  • If you want to play a mutant, you need to read the mutated humans topic to ensure that you know what's what.
  • If you want to play a member of the church, you'll need to read about the Faith.
  • If you'd like to play a member of a gang, you'll want to read about that gang [GANG LINK STUFFS HERE]
  • Finally, if you'd like to play a police officer, you'll want to read about law enforcement [HERE]

Not interested in one of those types of characters? Congrats - reading those threads is optional (though we think that they're rather interesting and recommend reading them next time you're trying to procrastinate homework or taxes). Though you might want to read the first post in this thread since it will help you not be super confused.

Whatever sort of character you're interested, you'll have to fill out the application form. If you need any help or have any questions, please ask! We love helping people instead of doing things we actually have to do like pay bills. Trust us, you're doing us a favor. Once your application is completed, you'll get a response within 48 hours (unless you post it on Christmas, because we're not giving up the one day of childhood glee we have left).

Claims and Reserves
While working on your application, please post to the jobs list and the face claims list to reserve the things you want for your character! Even if your app was posted first, if someone reserves or claims something while you're working on your character, you're out of luck! Even if you expect to be accepted in less than 48 hours, reserve. Once you're accepted, post to those and the who's who list to make sure everything is golden - only then will your account be given a member group and you'll be able to start role playing!

Getting Started
Once your application has been accepted and you've signed all the lists, you're golden! A good place to start is to check out plot pages or start your own. You can also start an open thread or look for an existing one. RKP is a small site, get to know people and threads are sure to follow!

Anything Else?
Are you still confused on something? Try checking out the King Pierce FAQ to see if we have an answer to your question there. If not, post in staff help or ask on the chat box! An answer will come your way ASAP.

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